2nd Webinar - Forecast and Prediction

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COVID-19 Forecast and Prediction - May 15th -16th, 2020
# Lecturer Name
Lecture Title
1 David S. Jones, Harvard University History in a Crisis—Lessons for Covid-19[1]
2 Christofer Brandt, Universität Greifswald
Transparent comparison and prediction of corona numbers[2]
3 Gaetano Perone, University of Bergamo An Arima Model to Forecast the Spread and the final size of COVID-2019 Epidemic in Italy[3]
4 Keno Krewer, Max Planck Institute
Time-resolving an ongoing outbreak with Fourier analysis[4]
5 Gerry Killeen, University College Cork
Pushing past the tipping points in containment trajectories of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) epidemics: A simple arithmetic rationale for crushing the curve instead of merely flattening it.[5]
6 Michael Li, University of Alberta Why it is difficulty to make accurate predictions of COVID-19 epidemics?[6]
7 V.K. Jindal, Panjab University
COVID-19 Primary and secondary infection as order parameter – a unifying global model.[7]
8 Ashis Das, World Bank
Rapid development of an open-access artificial intelligence decision support tool for CoVID-19 mortality prediction.[8]
9 Fulgensia Mbabazi, Busitema University
A Mathematical Model Approach for Prevention and Intervention Measures of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Uganda.[9]