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Welcome to
The COVID-19-Reponse-Webinar.org is a curated hub providing an opportunity for a critical webinar review of the 2019 novel Coronavirus. Due to time zones, the webinars are organized for Europe, N. and S. America, Asia-Pacific, and Africa. Occasionally the pan-continental webinar will take place. The webinars cover the following subjects: (1) Forecasting, (2) Mechanism, (3) Transmission, (4) Diagnostics, (5) Prevention, (6) Treatment, and (7) Case Reports of COVID-19.
For the past and upcoming webinars follow the links below.
The COVID-19 Pandemic in Europe: Response to Challenges Link[1]
The COVID-19 Pandemic in N. & S. America: Response to Challenges[Link2]
The COVID-19 Pandemic in Asia-Pacific: Response to Challenges[Link3]
The COVID-19 Pandemic in Africa: Response to Challenges[Link4]