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Applicable from 1st March 2020

Video Lecture Recording Copyrights

The Lecturer confirms that he/she agrees that he/she and all co-authors agree that the article (talk, presentation via Skype, the discussion via Skype) if editorially accepted for online publication, shall be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0. If the law requires that the article be published in the public domain, the Lecturer will notify Villa Europa (organizer) at the time of submission, and in such cases, the article shall be released under the Creative Commons 4.0

By giving a lecture during the webinar the Lecturer agrees that the lecture will be life streamed on the Internet and available to anyone. Further, by the fact of giving a lecture during the webinar, the Lecturer grants to the organizer (Villa Europa) the Creative Commons 4.0 license to recorded (raw or edited) lecture and/or his/her participation (visual/voice) recorded during the webinar including discussion, questions, etc. parts of the webinar. Within the Creative Commons 4.0 license granted by the Lecturer to the webinar organizer (Villa Europa) as described above, the Lecturer, as well as all participants and audience, agree to publish (add) raw/edited version of the lecture on the webinar channel at the YouTube service and on the organizer website.

All lectures are subject to Video Lecture Recording Withdrawal policies described below.

Video Lecture Recording Withdrawal

In the case of video lecture recording (as described above) the withdrawal requests, we follow general policies adopted by Elsevier publisher. [1] Although the Elsevier policies concern printed articles we assume that it is equivalent to a given lecture recorded during the webinar.

The last update: 10th March 2020.